Checking Voicemail

You can check your voicemail from your User Portal, Extension and E-Mail.

To check your voicemail from your User Portal, go to the "Voicemail" tab on the left panel.
To check your voicemail from your Extension, dial *97 on your phone.
You will receive voicemail audio attachments by E-Mail if the System Administrator has configured it for your extension.

If you need the option to check voicemail from an external number, contact your System Admin to configure the following:

  1. Login to the PBX Admin Portal.
  2. Go to PBX > PBX Setup > Custom Destinations.
    • Can be found under the Internal Configurations section.
  3. Create a new Custom Destination, with the featurecode shortcut labeled "Dial Voicemail (*98)".
  4. Submit, Apply Configuration Changes, then click Continue Reload.
  5. Once configurations have been saved, make sure to configure the destination within your call routing.

For all other inquiries or assistance regarding checking voicemail, please contact the Support Center.