Call Detail Reports

The Call Detail Reports (CDR) are used to find previous call history information for your PBX System.

Accessing the CDR

  1. Login to your PBX Admin Portal.
    • i.e.
      (replace customer with your system's actual subdomain)
  2. Go to PBX > Call Detail Reports.

Types of Reports

  1. Overall Summary For:
    • Calls
    • Users
    • Phone Numbers
  2. Inbound Calls
  3. Outbound Calls
  4. Ring Group Calls
  5. Queue Calls
  6. Internal Calls
  7. All Calls
  8. SMS/MMS Message History
  9. User Portal Message History

Within some of the reports shown above, you can find the following call information shown within your search results:

  1. Date/Time of the Call
  2. Type of Call
  3. Phone Number that Received the Call
  4. Caller ID Name and Number
  5. Destination of the Call
  6. Menu Option (For IVR/Auto Attendant Calls Only)
  7. Duration of Call
  8. Status of the Call
  9. Answered By
  10. Transfer From
  11. Recording of Call (recording features must be enabled)
  12. Country
  13. State

If you ever are in contact with a Freevoice Support Representative and they ask you for call examples, please make sure to provide any/all correlating call information associated to what is requested based on what you can find within the CDR.
To report any call examples, please contact the Support Center.