Setting up a Sangoma Phone

How to Factory Reset

Press the Menu button. Press the "*" key 3 times and then press and hold the "X" key for 10 seconds. The phone will factory reset and reboot.

How to Locate the Phone's IP Address

Config button → Status → Information → IPv4

*Inputting this ip address into your web browser's web address field will give you access to the web configuration interface of the phone.
 Default Username = admin
 Default Password = admin

Sangoma Phone SIP Registration

Once logged into the phone's web interface, go to Account → Basic.
Here you can register a SIP line with the following settings:

  • Account Active = Yes
  • Primary SIP Server =
                                       (replace customer with actual subdomain)
  • SIP Transport = UDP
  • Label = the name you want to show on the phone
  • SIP User ID = extension number
  • Authenticate ID = extension number
  • Authenticate Password = extension's "secret"
                                             (located under Device Options of the Extension's page on the PBX Admin Portal)