Music On Hold

Music On Hold section contains all the audio files used for your music while on hold.
You can also make separate categories for your audio files.

To access the Music on Hold page, do the following:

  1. Login to your PBX Admin Portal.
    • i.e.
      (replace customer with your system's actual subdomain)
  2. Go to PBX > PBX Setup > Music on Hold.

Add Music Category

Name the category.

Save the new category. (using S.A.C - Submit, Apply, Continue)

Upload an audio file

Press the 'Choose File' button, and select the audio file you would like to upload.
Make sure the file's properties are the following: 16 bit PCM, 8000Hz, Mono, and saved as a .wav.
You can also adjust the file's natural volume level by adjusting it via the "Volume Adjustment" drop down box.
Press the 'Upload' button, then press 'OK' to start the upload.
When finished uploading, the file will appear below.

Save the changes. (using S.A.C - Apply, Continue)

Enable Random Play

This feature enables or disables the random shuffle of all audio files in this category.

Save the changed settings. (using S.A.C - Apply, Continue)