SMS Configuration

SMS Configuration

The first thing we will need to do is go to and login to the dashboard.
Go to Phones > Active Numbers, then double-click on the phone number that you want to receive and send SMS messages with.

In the SMS Module, click "Enable SMS"
A verification and fee notice prompt will pop-up. Click "Enable SMS"
There will be an additional $2.00 per month fee added for this phone number. Each SMS message will be billed at 0.019 per message.
Your phone number is now ready for SMS Messages.

For Inbound SMS we will need to go into the DID that you have built for this number and set it's SMS User to the extension that you want to have receive inbound SMS messages.

For Outbound SMS, go into the PBX Admin page under the User Portal Settings and select the extension that you want to be able to send SMS Messages from. In the Dashboard Settings check the SMS box and set the number field to the number that you enabled SMS on.

To test, login to the User Portal of the selected extension.
In the "Place a call" module, enter a cell phone number and hit the SMS button.
Type in your message and hit send.