SMS via Email

Receive SMS text messages via Email and Send SMS messages via Email

Use for:
  • Group monitoring of SMS replies
  • Afterhours SMS conversations
  • Agents not using the User portal App
  • Easy CRM to SMS integration
  • Freevoice Dialer SMS integration
  • Ringless Voicemail SMS integration

How it Works

Receiving a Text - Messages to your SMS DID arrive in an Email in addition to your User Portal

Sending or Replying to a Text - Just hit reply, or Send an email to [any-phone-number] 

How to Setup

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to Phone Numbers > Active Numbers.
  3. Double-click on the selected number.
  4. Enable SMS (if not already enabled).
  5. Input the email to receive SMS messages (SMS to Email)
    • Multiple emails may be entered separated by spaces for a distribution list.
  6. Input the email that will send to SMS (Email to SMS)
    • Only one email may be provided, or enter * to allow any email address that matches
      • A unique email is required for each unique DID you wish to enable. * may only be used on one DID
  7. Your Freevoice Account now has SMS via Email capabilities!

Technical Details

140 Character Limit - Keep it short, messages greater than 140 charters are sent in multiple SMS messages.

Email Signatures - The gateway will try to remove signatures and replies from the message body, but it will not catch uncommon signatures or replies. Users should TEST what their signature does and/or adjust settings:1 add “--” to the top of your signature so it will be autodetected and removed. And/Or 2. Adjust settings: Do not add signature on replies, and do not include original message on replies. Simply be cautious when sending or replying to remove signatures and original message in replies that are automatically added to emails.

SPAM - Clients using this should make sure to whitelist any email message from "" in their email client to avoid issues with SPAM Blocking.

Not for Broadcast Messaging - Attempts to use for Broadcast or Bulk Messaging will Block SMS on your account.