Configure 3rd Party Softphone

To register your extension to a 3rd Party Softphone, do the following:

  1. Go to the softphone's settings/preferences to add an account for the extension.
    • Make sure the account is being created ONLY as a SIP account, and not for any other type of account (i.e. IAX, IAX2, etc.)
  2. Fill out the fields to register the extension.
    • Display Name = User's Name or Identifier (i.e. "John Smith")
    • Host/Hostname/Domain = Phone System Web Address (i.e. "")
      • If there is no field for this, most likely this information will be included in the username.
    • Username = Extension Number (i.e. "100")
      • If you find no field for the Host/Hostname/Domain, use the following format:
        Extension@SystemWebAddress (i.e. "")
    • Password = Extension's "Secret" Information
      • You may find this information in the PBX Admin Portal on the PBX Setup page, under Extensions (select the desired extension, then go to the Device Options section where it says "secret").
  3. Click the next button that will save/register/login with your settings.
  4. Your extension should now be registered.