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Freevoice is a complete business phone system complimented by our low cost phone service. With no onsite hardware to buy or maintain and a single contact for unlimited support, the uptime is far greater than any local system can provide. Easy monthly terms ensure you are 100% satisfied as you are free to choose another provider and any time. Very few providers can guarantee you that level of satisfaction. New features and services are rolled out “Live”over the internet with periodic updates. Unlimited training and support – We provide you with the knowledge and access to update your system without waiting on anyone. Our easy admin interfaces lets you add users, phone numbers and menus in seconds. Your company will benefit from the intelligent call routing, call recording, mapping, and many automated processes that save costly personal time. Phone Service – Super low rates, and bulk discounts. The more you use, the more you can save. And with our flexible user defined settings, You can control how much you spend every month and how often you are billed. Telephone Numbers and Free Porting – We provide Toll Free numbers, Local Numbers in any area code, or port your existing numbers to us for FREE. Phone numbers can be ordered directly from our website at any time, and put into service INSTANTLY with no wait. On a Freevoice system you can have as many phone numbers as you need with no limitation. We also provide many other services such as Caller ID and e911. Authorized Retailer – To keep your people connected, we only offer the best business phones or free software phones. We offer Cisco, Polycom, Aastra, and More!! We have upgraded many Clients from RingCentral, Shortel, and VirtualPBX to lower costs and provide many more office phone features like call recording, Mobile integration, virtual extensions and more. Multiple Locations – separate offices, branches, and business can be controlled easily from a single account for the same low monthly subscription. Request more info to receive a free, no obligation email proposal with more details!

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The hidden cost of unlimited dialer plans
Posted on Thursday June 21, 2018

Hidden Costs- The hidden cost of a dialer service is the human agents. While a phone call might cost you 2¢ a minute.  Agents in the US cost about 25¢ a minute after wages, taxes, rent, etc….  Reducing agent wait time should be your biggest concern That is the purpose of a dialer. To reduce the expense…

Considering switching to VoIP? Done right it will raise your efficiency to a whole new level.
Posted on Wednesday November 15, 2017

Cloud, Digital, SIP, IP. It’s all Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short. It uses your office network and internet connection instead of complex wiring to a machine in your building and the old local phone company. Any person can plug in common VoIP devices like Phones and Fax machines just like they would…

Manually Configure a Yealink T20P, T22P, T26P, T28P IP Phone
Posted on Tuesday March 24, 2015

Configuring a Yealink T20P, T22P, T26P, T28P IP Phone to Register 1. Start up your Yealink IP phone and identify its IP address. To find your phone’s IP address, simply press the OK key on the phone. In this example we’re going to assume that the IP address of your Yealink phone is .…

Add a Fax Number and user in FreevoicePBX
Posted on Thursday March 19, 2015

Originally posted on Call Center Solutions in the Cloud:
Choose new Fax number from Select VoIP phone service Select Phone Numbers Choose a new number with T38 enabled (value 1) Add to cart and Check out Next go to (your system) Select PBX set up Select Extensions page Select User to Receive FAX Scroll…

Phone system Call Logic for Selling Leads
Posted on Thursday March 05, 2015

Lead generation is the hot new industry in telemarketing. Selling leads for health insurance, student loan debt, and mortgages is a hot and expanding rapidly in 2015. The process is simple with a few variations,but you will need a specialized call center provider that can not only hold and transfer, but create 3 way calls that…