Setup & Deployment

To properly deploy users, make sure their phone is setup, along with any necessary interfaces to utilize on the PBX System.
To do this, please refer to the guided steps listed below for the following system subscriptions:

PBX Phone System

  1. Setup the Freevoice Phone computer application, or Provision a physical Hard Phone.
    • For Freevoice Phone computer application installation and setup instructions, click here.
    • For Hard Phone Provisioning instructions, please click one of the following phone types:
  2. Setup and Login to the User Portal App.
    • For installation and setup instructions, click here.

PBX Call Center

*Follow steps 1-2 for the PBX Phone System above first, then do the following:

  1. Login to the Agent Portal Web Interface.
    • Agent Portal Web Address Example:
      (replace "customer" with actual subdomain of PBX system)
    • For login and operation instructions, click here.

For other user setup and deployment inquiries, please contact the Support Center.