Adding a Phone Number

Inbound Routes allow you to route calls that come in on DID's to the desired destinations. 

(If you already have a phone number, but its on a different account start with Port your number.)
(If you already have a phone number on your account skip to Create an Inbound Route for your number.)

Purchase a phone number

Click Here for Video Guide!
Go to
Login and you will be taken to your accounts Dashboard.
On the left select Phone Numbers , then select Add New Numbers.
In the Quick Search you can easily search by area code or by a toll-free prefix.
Click the desired number to reserve it.
Click reserved numbers.
Make sure your number is pointing to the correct trunk if you have more than 1 system, then purchase the number(s).

Port your number

To port a pre-existing number you will need to open a ticket in the Support Center and our porting department will provide the necessary documents, fill out the porting forms.

After completing the appropriate form(s) upload it to your porting ticket and the port will then be processed.
Please allow up to 7 business days for the porting process to complete.

Make sure that the numbers you are porting are routed on your system before the port completes.

Once your number has ported and routing has been configured, make sure to test your number and verify that it is working before using it commercially.

Create an Inbound Route for your number

Login to the admin side of your PBX. http://{my} (replace {my} with your sub domain)
Hover over PBX and click PBX Setup.
Scroll down until on the left hand side until you see Inbound Routes/DID's and click Inbound Routes/DID's.
This will take you to the add DID page, where you will need to provide a logical identifier for the description and add the new phone number to the DID Number field.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and for Destination choose the correct destination for this number.

Save the new Inbound Route. (using S.A.C - Submit, Apply, Continue)