User Portal

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The User Portal is the user's interface for your phone system. By way of the User Portal, you will be able to manage conference calls, manage parked calls, review call history, faxes and voicemail, and monitor and pickup calls from other extensions.

User Portal

User Portal Login

  • Open the User Portal App or go to the web interface of your User Portal Login.
    • When first opening the User Portal App, you will need to input the web domain of your system for the hostname 

  • Input the user's credentials to login to the User Portal.
    • Username = Extension Number
    • Password = Voicemail Password (or User's Alternate Password)

    The Dashboard [view fullscreen]

    Shows the statuses of other users and extensions. Here you will be able to manage parked calls, see active calls, as well as send messages to other users and/or groups of users. You will also be able to monitor phone calls, utilize call pickup, and send SMS messages, if you elect to enable this functionality for the user. For SMS Configuration, click here.

    Voicemail  [view fullscreen]

    Shows the user's Voicemail Inbox where they can listen too or modify their Messages, as well as change their personalized Voicemail Greeting.

    Faxing [view fullscreen]

    Shows the user's Fax Inbox where they can view and download any received faxes, as well as Send Faxes via PDF format.

    Call/Message History [view fullscreen]

    View user's history of previous Calls, User Portal Messages, and SMS Messages.