Set Caller ID Name (CNAM)

While logged into the Dashboard at go to Phone Numbers.

Select a number, then in the Caller ID Name Settings for the selected number change the Display Name to your desired Outbound Caller ID, then click Save. If this option is not available, contact Support.

The change will take some time to complete, so you may see the change over a few days.


With multiple carriers involved in a call (sending side & receiving side), one carrier may have the upated CNAM information being sent, but another carrier may not have their database updated with the correct CNAM information from the National Registry. In many improper CNAM information cases, this is most likely the issue.

Unfortunately, we do not have control over what carriers have updated for their database, so if this is a cause for concern, please contact and notify the receiving carrier involved.

Sometimes these requests can take a carrier as long as 6 months to update their database, so we strongly advise to do it sooner rather than later.

To see your updated CNAM and what is displayed in the National Registry for the number in question, please go to