Create Agents

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Agents login to the Agent Portal where they can take and make queue calls.

To access the Agents page, do the following:

  1. Login to your PBX Admin Portal.
    • i.e.
      (replace customer with your system's actual subdomain)
  2. Go to PBX > PBX Setup > Agents.

Once created, Agents may log in to the web based Agent Portal by adding /agent to the end of your domain (i.e.

Add Agent

Assign an Agent Number to be used for identifying this agent, this must be the same as the phone extension.
Assign an Agent Name, usually the full name or a description for the agent.
Agent Password - Enter a password for this agent, this should be digits only.

Record Agent

Record Calls - Record this agents calls.

Agent Portal Configuration

Allow Access - Allow this agent to access the web based agent portal.
Add/Remove Queues - Allow this agent to select which queues they will log into.
View Queue Status - Allow this agent to view the real-time queue statuses for queues they are logged into.
View Waiting Calls - Allow this agent to view waiting calls for queues they are logged into.
View Call History - Allow this agent to view and search their call history.
Dial Outbound -  Allow this agent to dial outbound calls from the agent interface.
Access Recordings - Allow this agent to download or play their recorded calls.

Save the new Agent. (using S.A.C - Submit, Apply, Continue)