Time Groups

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A Time Group is assigned a time range and a Time Condition routes the call based on if the call is within the selected time range or not. Military time is used.

To access the Time Groups page, do the following:

  1. Login to your PBX Admin Portal.
    • i.e. customer.freevociepbx.com/maint
      (replace customer with your system's actual subdomain)
  2. Go to PBX > PBX Setup > Time Groups.

Add a Time Group

Choose the start time of this time range.
Choose the stop time of this time range.
Select which day of the week to start the range with.
Select which day of the week to end the range with.

You can also choose which day of the month and which month of the year to start and end the range with, but these are not usually needed.

Multiple time ranges can be configured per Time Group.

Save the new Time Group. (using S.A.C - Submit, Apply, Continue)