Integrating Zoho

Integrating Zoho

Make sure to enable the app here:

Log into your Zoho Account with your admin user credentials.

In a separate window, log into your Freevoice System, and go to PBX Setup / CRM Integration / Zoho CRM Integration.

* If you do not have this option, open a support ticket to have this enabled

Click [Activate Zoho PhoneBridge].

Select the Zoho CRM Data Center Closest to you and Click [Activate Zoho PhoneBridge].

Notate the User Code and Click [Verify Zoho CRM PhoneBridge Access] to pop open the Zoho activation window. 

Enter the verification code and accept Freevoice’s request

You have 30 seconds to complete this.

Return to the Freevoice activation window and click [Verification Complete]

Next click [ Setup Zoho PhoneBridge Users]

Map the Freevoice user to the corresponding Zoho user and enable options. 

You are now ready to use the power of the Zoho Freevoice integration.

Be sure to ask your Freevoice Agent about adding Ringless Voicemail, Broadcast Dialing, and SMS if you are not already taking advantage of these powerful features as well.