Router Install

Setup & Installation

If you purchased a Static IP Address, please make sure you have received this information from your ISP so that we may assist with this setup on your router.

To setup your router, go to the router's admin access login screen (aka "default gateway") by inputting into your web browser's address bar. If this is not your router's ip address for the login screen, go to your Command Prompt application and input "ipconfig" to find out what your network's Default Gateway IP is to access this interface.

The Freevoice Router login credentials should be:

  • User: Admin
  • Pass:Admin

Once you are logged into the Admin interface of your router, go to Basic > Networking.

Change the Internet/WAN settings to match your IP info provided by your ISP (If you have a Static IP, add this information to the Defender Whitelist).

Add any Static DNS information you have from your ISP into the Static DNS fields.
A good DNS alternative to use is Google's DNS Servers (ip addresses located below):


DHCP Option-66

Setup DHCP Option-66 on your router to auto-provision your Hard Phones with their Endpoint Manager configurations.

Our router uses the following string in the DNSMASQ field for auto-provisioning:


(replace "customer" with your actual sub-domain)


You can use the QoS feature in your router to prioritize your Bandwidth usage for your Freevoice services.

Below are instructions for setup:

  1. Login to the Router's Admin Interface.
  2. Go to QoS
  3. Go to Classification
    1. Input Destination & Source IP Address of the Server.
    2. Set Class for "FreevoiceVoip."
    3. Input Description for the classification (i.e. Freevoice PBX)
    4. Set Protocol to "Any Protocol."
    5. Save configurations
  4. Go to from the network location, do 3 Bandwidth speed tests, then calculate the average speed for upload and download.
  5. Go to Basic Settings
  6. Check the "Enable QoS" setting.
  7. Input the "Max Bandwidth Limits" for both Outbound and Inbound
    • Use the average from the speed test, then subtract 15-30% of the average for QoS to use.
  8. Prioritize the "FreevoiceVoip" class for No Limit, then set the other classes to a lower percentage, if requested.
  9. Save all configurations