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Announcements are used to play a message then route the call.

To access the Announcements page, do the following:

  1. Login to your PBX Admin Portal.
    • i.e.
      (replace customer with your system's actual subdomain)
  2. Go to PBX > PBX Setup > Announcements.

Add Announcement

Name the Announcement
Select the recording to be played.

If you want the message to play again, Repeat will allow you to set an input to have the message repeat.
You can allow a caller to press a button to skip the message.

If you activate Return to IVR, after the message plays the caller will be routed to the latest IVR the caller has reached.
Set the destination after playback to the next destination in the call route.

Save the new Announcement. (using S.A.C - Submit, Apply, Continue)