Welcome to your Freevoice Account

Congratulations on becoming a Freevoice System Administrator!

Once you login to your Dashboard you should Add/Verify your information in your Account Profile.

The Support Center is the secure channel to request changes to your account and manage your support tickets.
Requests submitted outside of our Support Center will not be documented for action by our support team.

Next Steps:

  • If you already have phone numbers that you want to move over to your new service then use the porting forms.
    This link for local numbers and This link for toll free numbers.
    Once these forms are filled out, create a ticket and upload the form to the ticket, so that our porting department can get to work for you.

  • To order phones contact our brilliant and helpful sales team, so they can get you the right phones for your setup. You can also purchase phones from our Online Store or you can click here to download the latest Freevoice Softphone.

  • Here is a guide to show you how to Add a phone number.
    From your Dashboard click the Phone Numbers button to view your current phone numbers.

  • Contact support through the Support Center to schedule your Training and Configuration appointment by replying to your installation ticket and coordinating with one of our support agents.