Lead Recycling

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Through the use of lead recycling, you can call specific statuses of leads again at a specified interval without resetting the entire list. 

Lead Recycling

Lead recycling is campaign-specific and does not have to be a selected dial status in your campaign. The attempt delay field is the amount of time, in seconds, until the lead can be placed back in the hopper, this time you set must be at least 120 seconds.

The attempt maximum field is the maximum number of times that a lead of this status can be attempted before the list needs to be reset.  The maximum number of attempts is 10.

You can activate and deactivate a lead recycle entry with the provided links. This feature is only recommended for Busy or "B" status leads.

This feature is not intended to be used with settings of several days. When a lead's recycling target time hits it will be put into the dial hopper first before any other leads that would be put into the hopper regardless of how the lead order is set for the campaign.