You can create a custom Voicemail for any purpose to use within your Dialer system.

To access custom Voicemails, click the sub-menu link "Voicemail", located under Admin section.

Add a New Voicemail Box:

To create a new voicemail box, click the link "Add a New Voicemail Entry" at the top of the page in the Voicemail section.

Configure a Voicemail Box:

If a voicemail box has already been created, this page will be where you modify it's configurations. To modify a voicemail box, click on the voicemail you would like to modify from the list.

To access a Voicemail by Phone, dial 8500 from the extension, input the voicemail box number, then input the Voicemail Box password. From there you can review and delete voicemails as necessary.

Below is a defined list of fields you can modify and configure in the Voicemail section.

Voicemail ID:

This is the numbered identifier of this mailbox. This must not be a duplicate of an existing voicemail ID or the voicemail ID of a phone on the system, minimum of 2 characters. 


This is name associated with this voicemail box. Max 100 characters, minimum of 2 characters. 


This is the password that is used to gain access to the voicemail box when dialing in to check messages. Max 10 characters, minimum of 2 characters. 


This option allows you to set the voicemail box to active or inactive. If the box is inactive you cannot leave messages on it and you cannot check messages in it. 


This optional setting allows you to have the voicemail messages sent to an email account, if your system is set up to send out email. If this field is empty then no emails will be sent out. 

Admin User Group:

This is the administrative user group for this record, this allows admin viewing of this record restricted by user group. Default is --ALL-- which allows any admin user to view this record. 

Delete Voicemail After Email:

This optional setting allows you to have the voicemail messages deleted from the system after they have been emailed out. Default is N. 

Show VM on Summary Screen:

This option will display this Voicemail Box information on the summary page seen when logging into the administration page. It will show the box name, new message count, old count, and total messages in the box. Note the table will not be shown unless you have set at least one mailbox to Y. Default is N for off. 

Voicemail Greeting:

This optional setting allows you to define a voicemail greeting audio file from the audio store. Default is blank. 

Voicemail Zone:

This setting allows you to set the zone that this voicemail box will be set to when the time is logged for a message. Default is set in the System Settings. 

Voicemail Options:

This optional setting allows you to define additional voicemail settings. It is recommended that you leave this blank unless you know what you are doing.