Lists and Leads

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Lists are essentially containers for leads.
You can check the status of leads in the list they are in. Lists get assigned to campaigns

To create a new list, go to the menu on the left and click lists, then select Add A New List

Add A New List

  • List ID is any number of 3 digits or more, not starting with 0, or the same number as other lists or campaigns.
  • List Name is the identifier used by your dialer for you to help identify this list outside of its List ID.
  • List Description is optional, but can be used to further explain what this list is for.
  • Campaign is where you would select which Campaign you would like to attach this list to.
  • Active should be set to "Y" for Yes, if you would like the campaign to use this list, once you attach it.
  • Press submit to submit the changes and add the new list.

Search For A Lead

In this section, you can utilize any of the fields below to search for a specific lead.
  • Vendor code allows you to search for a specific vendor code for your leads (if used).
  • Phone would show all matches for any lead that has that phone number.
  • Set Alt. Phone search to "Y" if you want to include alternate phone numbers in the search results.

  • If you know the lead's Lead ID, you may also enter it under Lead ID.
    Status would be the disposition abbreviation of the leads you are looking for. For example,
    if you put "callbk", it will show you the results of all call back leads that match the search.
    List ID allows you to search through a specified list.
    User and Owner allows you to search for either attached lead information.
    First and Last allows you to search for either the First or Last name respectively.
    Email is where you can specify a lead's specific information.
    Log Search allows you to see all the calls records for a specific lead.

Add A New Lead

In this section, you can manually add an individual new lead.
This would require at least a first name and a phone number. You would also choose which list this lead is entered into.

Load New Leads

This section is used to manually load new leads into your dialer.

The first important requirement for this section would be to select the .csv file that contains your new leads.
This can be done by pressing the "Choose File" button located at the top. (Please ensure it is a .csv)
Next you would choose the List you are loading the new leads into in the field labelled "List ID Override".
You would not make any changes to "Phone Code Override", as that is the prefix your dialer automatically uses.
The last important requirement would be to select Custom layout for the field "File layout to use".
The following and additional settings/fields/options are used to further check for duplicated lead entries.
After making the necessary and proper changes, press Submit to be brought to the next screen.

In the next section, you will be able to match the different data columns of your .csv file to the proper data field.
Once done, press "OK to process" to complete the upload.
The results screen will show you how many leads were successfully or unsuccessfully loaded.
Please note: If your .csv file used a header row, the results screen will always show 1 bad lead.