Remote Agents

Remote Agents are automated agents that can be used to login to a specific Campaign and answer multiple calls at a time.

Add a New Remote Agent:

Configure Remote Agent settings:

User ID Start:

This is the starting User ID that is used when the remote agent entries are inserted into the system. If the Number of Lines is set higher than 1, this number is incremented by one until each line has an entry.

Number of Lines:

This defines how many remote agent entries the system creates, and determines how many lines it thinks it can safely send to the External Extension. 

Server IP:

A remote agent entry is only good for one specific server. This is where you select which server you want. 

External Extension:

This is the number that you want the calls forwarded to. Make sure that it is a full dial plan number, and that if you need a prefix of 9 at the beginning, you put it in here. Test by dialing this number from a phone on the system. 

Extension Group:

If set to something other than NONE or empty this will override the External Extension field and use the Extension Group entries that have the same extension group ID. Default is NONE for deactivated. 


Here is where you turn the remote agent on and off. As soon as the agent is set to Active, the system assumes that it can send calls to it. It may take up to 30 seconds once you change the status to Inactive to stop receiving calls. 


Here is where you select the campaign that these remote agents will be logged into. Inbound needs to use the CLOSER campaign and select the inbound campaigns below that you want to receive calls from. 

On-Hook Agent:

This option is only used for inbound calls going to this remote agent. This feature will call the remote agent and will not send the customer to the remote agent until the line is answered. Default is N for disabled. 

On-Hook Ring Time:

This option is only used when the On-Hook Agent field above is set to Y and only inbound calls are going to this remote agent. This is the number of seconds that each call attempt will ring to try to get an answer. It is recommended that you set this to a few seconds less than it takes for a call to be sent to voicemail. Default is 15. 

Inbound Groups:

Here is where you select the inbound groups you want to receive calls from, if you have selected the CLOSER campaign.