Lead Post URL

Lead Post URLs can be used to post lead information from certain lead providers and/or CRM databases.

Below is an example of a Lead Post URL:


To post information to a Custom Field, use the field label variable in the URL along with the following:


Once you have followed up with Freevoice Support to enable lead posting on your dialer, the Lead Post URL above should then be forwarded over to your lead provider, provided that the information for the system domain (i.e. customer.freevoicepbx.com), user password and list id have been replaced in the URL with the correct information.

All other parameters that are capitalized in the URL example will be replaced with the information provided by the lead provider.

Debt Pay Pro Setup

Once logged into Debt Pay Pro, go to Contacts > WebHooks.

Input the Title, WebHook URL, Port, and Method:

Input the Field Name and Value for each field, then click Add:

For further information on creating the Lead Post URL on Debt Pay Pro, please reference the instructions for "Webhooks" here.