Scripts are canned responses for your agents that can use specific field variables from your leads to be tailored to how your agents respond.

Add a New Script:

Script ID:

This is the short name of a Script. This needs to be a unique identifier. Try not to use any spaces or punctuation for this field. Max 10 characters, minimum of 2 characters. 

Script Name:

This is the title of a Script. This is a short summary of the script. Max 50 characters, minimum of 2 characters. There should be no spaces or punctuation of any kind in this field. 

Script Comments:

This is where you can place comments for an agent screen Script such as -changed to free upgrade on Sept 23-. Max 255 characters, minimum of 2 characters. 

Admin User Group:

This is the administrative user group for this record, this allows admin viewing of this record restricted by user group. Default is --ALL-- which allows any admin user to view this record. 

Script Text:

This is where you place the content of an agent screen Script. Minimum of 2 characters. You can have customer information be auto-populated in this script using --A--field--B-- where field is one of the following fieldnames:

vendor_lead_code, source_id, list_id, gmt_offset_now, called_since_last_reset, phone_code, phone_number, title, first_name, middle_initial, last_name, address1, address2, address3, city, state, province, postal_code, country_code, gender, date_of_birth, alt_phone, email, security_phrase, comments, lead_id, campaign, phone_login, group, channel_group, SQLdate, epoch, uniqueid, customer_zap_channel, server_ip, SIPexten, session_id, dialed_number, dialed_label, rank, owner, camp_script, in_script, script_width, script_height, recording_filename, recording_id, user_custom_one, user_custom_two, user_custom_three, user_custom_four, user_custom_five, preset_number_a, preset_number_b, preset_number_c, preset_number_d, preset_number_e, preset_number_f, preset_dtmf_a, preset_dtmf_b, did_id, did_extension, did_pattern, did_description, closecallid, xfercallid, agent_log_id, entry_list_id, call_id, user_group, called_count, TABLEper_call_notes.

For example, this sentence would print the persons name in it:

Hello, can I speak with --A--first_name--B-- --A--last_name--B-- please? Well hello --A--title--B-- --A--last_name--B-- how are you today?

This would read:

Hello, can I speak with John Doe please? Well hello Mr. Doe how are you today?

You can also use an iframe to load a separate window within the SCRIPT tab.
Here is an example with prepopulated variables:

<iframe src="" style="width:580;height:290;background-color:transparent;" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" id="popupFrame" name="popupFrame" width="460" height="290"></iframe>

You can also use a special variable IGNORENOSCROLL to force scroll bars on the script tab even if you are using an iframe within it. 


This determines whether this script can be selected to be used by a campaign. 

Script Color:

This determines the background color of the script as displayed in the agent screen. default is white.