Polycom Phones

In this section, you can find detailed ways to Factory Reset, Manually Configure, and Obtain an IP Address for Polycom models: VVX 300, 400, 500, 600, and various others.

Factory Reset

Press the Home key.
Select Settings.
Select Advanced Settings.
This will prompt for the Admin password, which is "456".
Select Administration Settings.
Scroll down to select Reset to Defaults.
Scroll down again to select Reset To Factory Defaults.
Press Yes to confirm.

Finding your phone's IP address

There are two ways you can find your phones IP:

  • Web Interface
    You can get the phones IP from the routers Device List.

  • Physical Interface
    Press the Home Key.
    Touch the Settings button.
    Scroll down and select Status.
    Select Network.
    Choose TCP/IP Parameters.
    The IP address is as listed under IP.

Manual Configuration

  • Web Interface (Click Here for Video Guide)
    To use the Web Administration page of the phone, you would first need to find the phone's IP address.
    Open up a web browser and type in the phone's IP address.
    Click Admin Login. The default password is "456".
    Go to Settings > Lines > Line 1.
    Under Identification, fill out the fields in the format shown below:
    Display Name: user name
    Address: 100@customer.freevoicepbx.com
    Label: user name

    Under Authentication, fill out the fields in the format shown below:
    Domain: customer.freevoicepbx.com
    User ID: 100
    Password: registration password

    Under Server 1, fill out the fields in the format shown below:
    Address: 100@customer.freevoicepbx.com
    Port: 5060

    Click Save to confirm configurations.
    Go to Utilities > Reboot Phone.

    (**Keep in mind to replace the address/user id with the correct extension, as well as replace "customer" with your sub-domain**)