DNC Leads

Leads can be automatically dis-positioned with the DNC status through a survey campaign, your agents can dis-position leads with the DNC status and you can manually add leads to the DNC List.

The Dialer has an internal Do-Not-Call(DNC) list and campaign-specific DNC lists that can be used to filter leads by as they are being added to the hopper to be called.

The DNC lists work real-time if you have activated it for a specific campaign and when agents disposition a call as a status that has the DNC flag set to Y, then it is immediately added to the internal and/or campaign-specific DNC lists. Another way of adding a phone number to the DNC list is using the ADD NUMBER TO DNC link in the LISTS section.

Simply enter the phone number you want to add and click submit. If the number is already in the DNC list you will see a duplicate message. The same process also works for removing phone numbers from the DNC lists. To use this functionality you must have the proper permissions in the User settings.

In this section, you can add or delete DNC numbers, as well as search log records of a specific phone number. 
To add or delete, you would specify which list you are changing at the top, and enter a phone number in the open white box. 
Please remember that it is one phone number per line. 
To search log records of a certain phone number, you can enter it into the search box below. 
You can also download any DNC list by choosing it in the drop box option at the very bottom, then clicking submit. 

Manually Add Leads to DNC:

You can download the complete list of DNC numbers, be it campaign specific or the internal DNC list. 

In the Download numbers in this list to a file drop-down, select the desired list & click SUBMIT.

This will export the indicated DNC list in a .txt format that can easily be open with any word processing or spreadsheet program.