Creating Users/Agents & Phones

In order to utilize the Agent Web Portal to dial out to your leads, Users and Phones are required to be setup and configured for use on the Dialer.

Copy User

Because the initial settings and configurations of your previous users are not carried over (which may cause the newly created user to be set up incorrectly), Adding a new user is normally not recommended.

Instead, we recommend copying a user that has been previously created, for easier configuration.

Go to Users > Copy User.
Fill out the User Number, Password and Full Name.
Select the Source User to copy from.
Click Submit.

Add A New Phone
Go to Admin > Phones.
Click the "Add A New Phone" button at the top of the Phones section.
Make sure the Phone Extension, Dial Plan Number, Voicemail Box, and Agent Screen Login all have the same number when filling these fields out.
Create the Login Password.
Click Submit.

Once the extension has been created, make sure the "Phone Login" and "Phone Pass" for the User settings reflect the same information from the "Agent Screen Login" and "Login Password" from the extension.

Keep in mind, the "Registration Password" is highlighted in green to indicate where to find the password for registering the extension on a Soft Phone.