Audio Files

Admin > Audio Store
Here you can upload Audio Files to be used by your system.

This utility allows you to upload audio files to the web server.
An important note, only two audio file types will work, .wav files that are PCM 16bit 8k and .gsm files that are 8bit 8k.
Please verify that your files are properly formatted before uploading them here.

Audio File List
This link displays a complete listing of all the audio recordings currently held in the audio store. By default the most recently loaded files are at the top. The listing can be re-ordered by file name, upload date & time, and file size; in either ascending or descending order. This table will also allow all recordings to be downloaded or played.

File to Delete
This field allows for audio files to be deleted, one at a time, from the audio store.

Enter the file name in the text field, press “submit”, and the file is removed.