Dispo Call URL

Near the bottom of the Campaign "Detail" settings, you will find the Dispo Call URL field where you can input a URL using specific variables from the Dialer.

This web URL address is not seen by the agent, but it is called every time a call is dispositioned by an agent, if it is populated.

This URL can NOT be a relative path. This field is blank as default. 

Variables able to be used in the URL address follow the --A--field--B-- format, where "field" is one of the following fieldnames:

vendor_lead_code, source_id, list_id, gmt_offset_now, called_since_last_reset, phone_code, phone_number, title, first_name, middle_initial, last_name, address1, address2, address3, city, state, province, postal_code, country_code, gender, date_of_birth, alt_phone, email, security_phrase, comments, lead_id, campaign, phone_login, group, channel_group, SQLdate, epoch, uniqueid, customer_zap_channel, server_ip, SIPexten, session_id, dialed_number, dialed_label, rank, owner, camp_script, in_script, script_width, script_height, recording_filename, recording_id, user_custom_one, user_custom_two, user_custom_three, user_custom_four, user_custom_five, preset_number_a, preset_number_b, preset_number_c, preset_number_d, preset_number_e, preset_number_f, preset_dtmf_a, preset_dtmf_b, did_id, did_extension, did_pattern, did_description, closecallid, xfercallid, agent_log_id, entry_list_id, call_id, user_group, called_count, TABLEper_call_notes.

Also, the following variables below can be used to retrieve the agent-defined disposition for the call, and the actual talk time in seconds of the call:

dispo, callback_lead_status, talk_time

If you put ALT into this field and submit this form, you will be able to go to a separate page where you can define multiple URLs for this action as well as specific statuses that will trigger them (see Applications guide for more details).

Below is an example of a Dispo Call URL for the Debt Pay Pro CRM:


*The API Key is provided by Debt Pay Pro.

In order for a Dispo Call URL to post information properly on your CRM, the lead must have a Lead Vendor Code. This information can be gained by creating the lead or uploading a list of leads into the CRM, then exporting the information from the CRM into a new spreadsheet, which you can then upload into a list on the Dialer, as this new spreadsheet will include the lead vendor code for these leads.

For information on how to upload/export leads via your Debt Pay Pro account, please contact DPP Support: https://www.debtpaypro.com/contact