Filter Groups

Filters can be used to clarify how you want your leads processed using SQL queries.

Add a New Filter:

Filter ID:
This is the short name of a Lead Filter. This needs to be a unique identifier. Do not use any spaces or punctuation for this field. Max 10 characters, minimum of 2 characters. 

Filter Name:
This is a more descriptive name of the Filter. This is a short summary of the filter. Max 30 characters, minimum of 2 characters. 

Filter Comments:
This is where you can place comments for a Filter such as -calls all California leads-. Max 255 characters, minimum of 2 characters. 

Admin User Group:
This is the administrative user group for this record. This allows admin viewing of this record restricted by user group. Default is --ALL-- which allows any admin user to view this record. 

Filter SQL:
This is where you place the SQL query fragment that you want to filter by. Do not begin or end with an AND, that will be added by the hopper cron script automatically. an example SQL query that would work here is- called_count > 4 and called_count < 8 -.