No Agent Call URL

Near the bottom of the Campaign "Detail" settings, you will find the No Agent Call URL field where you can input a URL using specific variables from the Dialer.

This web URL address is not seen by the agent, but if it is populated, it is called every time a call that is not handled by an agent is hung up or transferred.

This URL can NOT be a relative path. Custom Fields are also not available with this feature. 

Variables able to be used in the URL address follow the --A--field--B-- format, where "field" is one of the following fieldnames:

vendor_lead_code, source_id, list_id, gmt_offset_now, called_since_last_reset, phone_code, phone_number, title, first_name, middle_initial, last_name, address1, address2, address3, city, state, province, postal_code, country_code, gender, date_of_birth, alt_phone, email, security_phrase, comments, lead_id, campaign, phone_login, group, channel_group, SQLdate, epoch, uniqueid, customer_zap_channel, server_ip, SIPexten, session_id, dialed_number, dialed_label, rank, owner, camp_script, in_script, script_width, script_height, recording_filename, recording_id, user_custom_one, user_custom_two, user_custom_three, user_custom_four, user_custom_five, preset_number_a, preset_number_b, preset_number_c, preset_number_d, preset_number_e, preset_number_f, preset_dtmf_a, preset_dtmf_b, did_id, did_extension, did_pattern, did_description, closecallid, xfercallid, agent_log_id, entry_list_id, call_id, user_group, called_count, TABLEper_call_notes.

Also, the following variable can be used to retrieve the system-defined disposition for the call: