Campaign Types

What kind of campaign do you want to have?

You can run a survey campaign or an agent campaign.

The campaign type is determined by the Routing Extension.  This field allows for a custom outbound routing extension.  It allows you to use different call handling methods depending on how you want to route calls through your outbound campaign.

Survey Campaign
When a lead picks up the call they will hear your message and have a choice of inputs, which will determine how the call is routed.

Survey Routing Extensions: 
- 8366 - Used for press-1, broadcast and survey campaigns
- 8373 - Used for Answering Machine Detection after that same behavior as 8366

Agent Campaign
When a lead picks up the call they will be talking to an agent.

Agent Routing Extensions: 
- 8368 - DEFAULT - Will send the call to the next available agent no matter what server they are on
- 8369 - Used for Answering Machine Detection after that, same behavior as 8368

How will your agents interact with your customers?

Remote agents can be used to allow the campaign to dial without real agents logging into the dialer.

Answering Machine Detection

You can use AMD to filter out leads where your calls goes to voicemail. When AMD is triggered, you can automatically hang-up on the call or leave a voicemail message.   Keep in mind, however, that AMD is not perfect and may need to have its settings tuned to the kind of leads you are dialing or the kind of telecom lines you are dialing through.

Answering Machine Message

While using an AMD Routing Extension you can play a message to the answering machines.

Dial Method

This field is the way to define how dialing is to take place.

If MANUAL then the auto_dial_level will be locked at 0 unless Dial Method is changed.

If RATIO then the normal dialing a number of lines for Active agents.

ADAPT_HARD_LIMIT will dial predictively up to the dropped percentage and then not allow aggressive dialing once the drop limit is reached until the percentage goes down again.

ADAPT_TAPERED allows for running over the dropped percentage in the first half of the shift -as defined by call_time selected for campaign- and gets more strict as the shift goes on.

ADAPT_AVERAGE tries to maintain an average or the dropped percentage not imposing hard limits as aggressively as the other two methods.
You cannot change the Auto Dial Level if you are in any of the ADAPT dial methods.

Only the Dialer can change the dial level when in predictive dialing mode.

INBOUND_MAN allows the agent to place manual dial calls from a campaign list while being able to take inbound calls between manual dial calls.