Area Code CallerID

If the System Setting for Areacode CIDs is enabled and the Campaign setting for Use Custom CallerID is set to AREACODE then you have the ability to define Areacode CIDs that will be used when outbound calling to leads in this specific campaign.

Adding a new AC-CID entry:


If the dialer is calling a lead with this areacode, it will use the outbound CID you specify in the next field. 

An areacode in this section can be from 2 to 5 digits in length, and if a shorter defined areacode overlaps with a longer areacode then the longer areacode will be used. For example, if the areacodes 31 and 312 are both defined and active for a campaign, then areacode 312 would be used for phone number 3125551212.

Outbound CID:

This is the phone number your dialer will show its calling from when the areacode field matches the areacode of a lead being called. 


Here you can describe what this areacode/outbound cid is for. 

Further information:

You can add multiple callerIDs per areacode and you can activate and deactivate them each in real time. If more than one callerID is active for a specific areacode then the system will use the callerid that has been used the least number of times today. If no callerIDs are active for the areacode then the campaign CallerID or list override CallerID will be used.