TwoWay Survey
You can have a TwoWay Survey setup so that you can have a survey campaign call leads and your agents will speak with the customers that opt-in. The leads that get called, but don't answer may call back and reach a Call Menu where they can choose to speak with an agent or get put on the DNC list.

Dispo Call URL2

To view this go into your Campaign > Detail View > Dispo Call URL
In the Dispo Call URL field type ALT, then save the campaign.
Go back down to Dispo Call URL and click on the link 'Alternate Dispo URLs Defined'

To create additional Dispo URL's:
  • Set the rank to 1
  • In the Statuses field put in the disposition that should trigger the post
  • Add a description of the Status for clarity
  • Paste the link below into the URL field, then click Submit.

After creating the Dispo URL change the Active drop down to Y, then click Submit.