System Statuses

Through the use of system statuses, you can create and edit statuses to be used with any campaign or in-group.

Add a New System Status:


The abbreviation to be used for a lead disposition. This field must be 1-6 characters in length.


Used to define the status created. This field must be 2-30 characters in length. 


Also known as Agent Selectable. Setting this to "Y" allows agents to select the status as a disposition after a call in the agent portal interface.

Human Answer:

Setting this to "Y" will include the Status in calculating drop percentage or abandon rate for calls.


Allows you to create a group to apply to certain statuses that can be categorized for reporting.


Determines whether an agent can select the status at the end of a call based on whether it meets the minimum duration and/or maximum duration of the call. If it does not meet the specified duration, the status will not be available for selection.

Other settings that define how statuses are used, or how they can be included in reporting, are the following:

  • Sale,
  • DNC (Do Not Call),
  • Customer Contact,
  • Not Interested,
  • Unworkable,
  • Scheduled Callback, and
  • Completed.