Agent Portal

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The Agent Portal is where Agents login to manage calls that are received through Queues they are assigned too.

IMPORTANT: In order for an Agent to receive a call from a Queue, they MUST be logged into the Agent Portal to do so.

Accessing the Agent Portal Web Interface

Agent Portal Web Address Example:
(replace customer with the subdomain of your PBX system)

*Make sure the Agent's Extension is registered and online via their Softphone or Hard Phone before they login.

  1. Login with your Agent Number and Agent Password (information provided by the System Administrator).
  2. Select your extension number as the Device.
    • By default, the extension number selected should be the same number as the Agent.
  3. The Queues the Agent is already assigned to will show as displayed on the right-hand side of the interface.
    • If the settings are enabled for the Agent, they can choose which Queues to Add/Remove themselves from.
      This option is disabled by default.
  4. Click Complete Login.

Once logged into the Agent Portal, the Agent will remain "Idle" until they answer a call or if they have placed themselves on Pause.

*Pause Statuses can be added, such as Lunch, Break, Bathroom, etc.
 This can be configured under the Agent Defaults settings on the Agents page of the PBX Admin Portal.

Operating the Agent Portal

Once the Agent answers a call through their phone, the Agent Status will change to Connected.

The call information will populate in the Call Details box. Below in the Call Details box, you will see a column containing the current Login Time and the Device that is registered to your Agent, along with the count of your Completed, Missed, and Rejected calls.

Call options such as HangupBlind TransferAttended Transfer, and Live Transfer buttons will appear.

The column to the right will show which Queues your Agent is logged into.