Detailed Agent Reporting

Realtime and Historical information on agents efforts and productivity

View Agent Stats in Real-Time

Realtime information is critical to micro and macro adjusting your call center to meet changing needs throughout the day. Sort and download the following statistics to leverage data for optimal staffing and marking levels.

  • Agent Status
  • Login Status
  • Login Time
  • Login Total
  • Queues
  • Call Info
  • Calls Completed
  • Calls Missed
  • Calls Rejected
  • Last Call
  • Talk Time
  • Avg Talk
  • Talk Total
  • Avg. Wait
  • Total Wait
  • Idle Time
  • Pause Time
  • Pause Reason
  • Pause Totals

Sessions Report

Color coded comparisons show you which agents perform the best, and how all other agents compare in total login time, talk time, idle time, and percent available. Create pause codes to  detail why an agent was not taking calls at any portion of the day.

Talk Time

Inbound and outbound call comparisons are import to see which agents actively place outbound calls and who waits for the phone to ring. Average talk time can pinpoint the most and least efficient agents The most common Metric for comparison is  often used daily for stick, carrots, and contests. 

Calls Per Queue

Skill levels and specialties can place agents in multiple queues. Easily see ratios and quantities of calls per queue for each agent

Time Clock

Measure the time Agents are working from the moment they are ready to take calls and stop that clock the moment they log out. Agents will be at their desks quicker and for more time when that's what counts their hours. Prevent the many hours of productivity a week that can me lost to office social and in building  travel times. 


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