Zoho CRM Phonebridge

Freevoice PhoneBridge to Zoho connects your phone calls with Zoho CRM

Integration automates many tasks during and after a customer interaction. With the Zoho CRM integration, inbound and outbound calls are automatically  logged in the CRM, Agents get pop ups of accounts on inbound calls, and single click dialing to call out. 

Free and Included with our Call Center System

  • Screen pops on received calls
  • Single click dialing
  • Call Scheduling 
  • Missed call  display
  • Memo fields for call notes
  • Access to past call recordings 

Single-Click Dialing

Make calls from right inside Zoho CRM and avoid dialing time and errors. When looking at any leads or contact, just click the call icon to start logged a call.

Call Scheduling

Never miss another call with prompt reminders. Between monitoring multiple deals and having to get dozens of tasks done, it's hard to keep track of each call you need to make. With reminders of your upcoming calls, you'll never miss out on them.

Provide personal customer service to every client

Greet every caller by name, even if you have thousands of customers. No time is wasted looking up customer data. It's all right there on every call. Instant access to past conversations, notes, and tasks associated with each customer builds a relationship with the customer like know other system can.

Automatic Call Logging

Crucial information such as call time, duration, agent and customer details are logged automatically without the possibility of human error or intention. More intuitive details like the purpose of a call, notes, and next call times can be added right in the call window.