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Logics CRM Lookup

Follow these instructions to enable the CRM  Lookup Button on your soft phone which will trigger your CRM to lookup the account or lead based on the phone number.

  1. Click Tools, then Options.

  2. Click Advanced, then Property Editor, then "I am aware of the risks"

  3. Click the "New" button to add a new property.
  4. In the Name field enter net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.call.SHOW_CRM_BUTTON
  5. In the "Value" field enter true
  6. Click OK to save the parameter.

  7. Click the "New" button to add another property.
  8. In the Name field enter net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.call.CRM_COMMAND
  9. In the Value field enter the command to trigger your CRM. Where the phone number should be substituted enter a %s See the list below for a few example CRM's'.
  10. Click OK to save the parameter.

  11. While on a call, your Call Panel should now have a CRM button. Clicking this button should trigger your CRM application.

Property Name: net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.call.CRM_COMMAND 

Property Values:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe https://YourSubdomain.logiqs.com/default.aspx?module=contacts&page=lookup&phone=%s

Automatic CRM Lookup on Inbound

To have the CRM pop-up automatically, go into your softphones Tools > Options > Events > Incoming Call​ and enable the gear icon, the Program File field will become available.​ 

​Enter the link below as one line with a space separating the two sides into the Program File field: 
​*Make sure the path to chrome on your machine is correct.​


  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe https://YourSubdomain.logiqs.com/default.aspx?module=contacts&page=lookup&phone=${caller.number}​​​

    &name=${caller.name} is an optional variable that can be added to pass the inbound CID name.

User Portal Lookup

After logging into your user portal, click the wrench icon in your My Calls module and in the Call URL Pop field, paste:

  • Debt Pay Pro:

For our new User Portal (Web and App version), simply click on Settings, and paste the following for the field URL Pop-Up (Incoming, Outgoing, or both as needed):

  • https://YourSubdomain.logiqs.com/default.aspx?module=contacts&page=lookup&phone=%cidnum%

Check the box for Call URL Popup on Answer if you only want the lookup to occur if the agent answered the call. 

Queue URL Pop

Paste the following link into the URL Pop field of the desired queue: 

And use these variables below: 
Caller ID Number = ${CALLERID(number)}
Caller ID Name = ${CALLERID(name)}
Caller ID Prefix = ${CALLERID_PREFIX}
Inbound Route/DID = ${FROM_DID}
Queue Number = ${EXTEN}


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