Users and Extensions

Freevoice phone systems will grow with your business, no matter how large your business may grow.

Our  extension model is designed so that everyone in your organization can use Freevoice to do their job more efficiently. Runaway costs, up-charges, and a la carte pricing menus can quickly erode any business budget and inhibit rather than encourage using the service as you need.

Everyone can have a desk phone, a home office, a tablet or mobile laptop extension. We believe that the easier it is use your phone system, the more productive your staff will be. Our goal is to help you use Freevoice wherever and however is most productive for you.

Each extension has control over its own call forwarding, voicemail and message delivery settings, allowing each employee to customize their own user experience.

Whether you have one employee or hundreds, the Freevoice phone system will help your business look and sound professional.

Additional extensions for conference rooms, meeting areas or general voicemail boxes for different departments like Sales or Billing enhance productivity.  Choose those extensions to ring a person or a group of all available agents in those departments, ensuring that an available agent receives the call rather than going to voicemail if one agent is unavailable.

Choose your extension range. Extensions can be a 2  to 10 digit number identifying a specific user or call path that allows you to dial and connect to another destination regardless of geographic location or country.


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